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Teaching professionals how to support and serve their clients, patients, and team members through a trauma-informed lens

Our personalized consultation services empower professionals to deepen their understanding of trauma's impact on the workplace, work relationships, and productivity. 

Who We Serve 

Our services are intended for organizational managers and leaders, HR members, and a full spectrum of employees.  We also welcome individuals who want to amplify their capacity. 

Our services are evidence-informed

"Trauma could be considered a public health crisis due to the frequency and effect trauma has on society." 


Trauma-informed care and cultural humility in the mental health care of people from minoritized communities, 2020

The prevalence of trauma means that workplaces are impacted. It impacts our colleagues, our workplace interactions, and can, unfortunately, occur in the workplace. Recognizing and understanding the signs and symptoms and responding to these prevalent experiences can help ameliorate the harms. It all starts with educating and working on ourselves.



  • Develop trauma-informed skills and capacity, fostering a safer and more supportive work environment.

  • Learn best practices to prevent missteps and help create trauma-informed workplaces.

  • Identify workplace champions to organize and advance a trauma-informed work environment.

  • Help workplaces avoid litigation, Human Rights and workplace complaints, which are costly in terms of economic impact, labour and resources. 

  • Employees will feel intrinsically motivated, knowledgeable, empowered, engaged, and encouraged.

  • Increases sense of safety, security, and trust in the workplace's ability to support all staff.

Our Services

Trauma-Informed Workplace Audit

This audit evaluates your organization's practices and policies, establishing a baseline to observe progress, so that your workplace can becomes more supportive, responsive, and effective in addressing trauma-related issues.

Workplace Trauma-Awareness and Trauma-Informed Workshops

These workshops teach trauma-aware and trauma-informed behaviours, enabling you to become more supportive, responsive, and compassionate so that you can create a safer and more inclusive environment and help to lessen conflicts and potential HR issues.

We offer 101 workshops for beginners and Comprehensive workshops to deepen your practice. 

Gender-Based Violence Workshops for Workplaces

We lead specialized workshops addressing gender-based violence.  The prevalence of gender-based violence means that workplaces are impacted. It impacts our colleagues, our workplace interactions, and it can, unfortunately, occur in the workplace. Learn to recognize and understand the signs and symptoms and respond to these prevalent experiences so that you can help ameliorate the harms. It all starts with educating ourselves to create a safe, more supportive work environment.
We cover: 

  • Understanding gender-based violence: Dive into situational gender-based violence, its challenges, best practices and how you can recognize and take action.

  • BC Domestic and Sexual Violence Leave Act: Unpack the act and provide insights into policy implementation and best practices, enhancing understanding and proficiency.

This workshop enables staff to increase their understanding and recognition and to take action when called for.

We offer 101 workshops for beginners and Comprehensive workshops to deepen your practice. 

One-on-One Trauma-Informed Coaching For Professionals

Our confidential, personalized 1:1 coaching sessions empower employees and leaders to gain trauma-aware and trauma-informed knowledge, skills, and support to improve their communication and leadership so that they can skillfully assess and manage situations. This skillset fosters a supportive and responsive work environment, enhancing overall organizational wellbeing and performance.

We work with you on:

  • Recognizing signs of trauma and trauma responses

  • Understanding how trauma impacts the brain and trauma-informed processes to support neurobiological integration

  • Communicating in a trauma-aware, trauma-informed, and trauma-responsive manner

  • Staying grounded and centred during emotional intensity

  • Avoiding problematic interactions that could become HR issues

  • Responding appropriately when someone discloses a traumatic experience

  • Skilled support before and after challenging interactions

  • Learning about resources, frameworks, and supports

Trauma-Recovery Retreats

These confidential off-site retreats combine neurobiology and experiential healing processes so that you can increase emotional healing, become healthier, more grounded, and attuned. This benefits both the individual and their workforce by fostering resilience and wellbeing.

Trauma-Informed Weekly Workplace Maintenance and Restoration Sessions

These weekly on-site sessions teach trauma-aware and trauma-informed processes grounded in neurobiology and experiential healing. Let's build self-care into the workday so that you can help your workforce feel more supported and resilient on an ongoing basis.

Comprehensive Trauma-Informed Services Suite

For organizations that want to do in-depth we offer the above services in one continuous flow over the course of 9-12 months. 

We work with you providing this sequence of services:

  • Audit

  • 101 Workshops

  • Comprehensive Workshops

  • 1:1 Coaching

  • Trauma-Recovery Retreats (off-site)

  • Trauma-Informed Weekly Workplace Maintenance and Restoration Sessions 

This comprehensive suite of services supports a sustained, trauma-informed transformation within your organization​.

Trauma-Informed Professionals

Advance Your Career as a Trauma-Informed Professional. Our training for becoming a trauma-informed professional offers numerous benefits. By integrating trauma-informed practices, you can manage teams more effectively, foster a supportive and responsive work environment, and address and lessen HR issues.

Comprehensive Trauma-Informed Training

Our comprehensive trauma-informed training equips professionals with essential skills to foster a supportive and efficient work environment. Gain expertise in trauma awareness and support practices to enhance organizational resilience and effectiveness.

For more information, including fees, availability and promotional materials, please contact us to discuss.

Workplace Trauma-Informed services are led by our founder, Chavisa. As a subject-matter expert, she draws from personal experience, education and professional training including:


  • An interdisciplinary Master’s degree in Social Sciences

  • A Graduate Diploma in Adult Education

  • Specialization in Gender-Based Violence, Hidden Abuse, Financial Abuse and Post-Separation Abuse

  • Certified Trauma Recovery Practitioner (CTRC)

  • Certified Divorce Coach (CDC)

  • Ongoing training including trauma-informed interventions and addressing financial abuse.

Keynote Speaking

Bring me in to speak.


Trauma-informed workplaces


Gender-based violence​

Navigating Divorce


Your safety and security is our highest priority

We take safety, security and privacy seriously. Our virtual services are confidential, private and use secure, encrypted technology. Our goal is to keep you — and your information — safe.

What People are Saying

S. Price, K-12 Teacher, West Vancouver

"The owner of The Mother Corp. is a dynamic and engaging presenter who brings a calming vibe and a wealth of knowledge to her work. In her professional development session with me and my school colleagues, she took an erudite and research-driven approach to helping us explore how we can better understand and support our students as they navigate the complexities they are facing in their personal lives. In the session she led with my colleagues on hidden abuse, she was able to first get us centered and in the right frame of mind to explore the challenging topic, give us a background in the academic literature and brain science, and then explore the nexus between her work and ours through examples and case studies drawn from the discussion. Whether you are a school, social service organization, non-profit or business,  The Mother Corp. would be an able guide to helping develop organizational competencies that improve how an organization supports its people in a meaningful and trauma-informed way."

Learn more about our services and how we can help you as a professional.

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