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Trauma-Informed Workplace Audit

Evaluate and Enhance Your Workplace's Trauma-Informed Practices and Ability


Our Trauma-Informed Workplace Audit thoroughly assesses your organization's current practices and policies. An audit establishes a baseline and enables ongoing measurement of progress into the future. By doing so, we help you observe progress, identify areas of success, and raise awareness of improvement opportunities. This insightful audit generates data to enhance and transform your workplace into a more supportive, responsive, and effective environment. Our tailored approach ensures the audit aligns with your specific needs and focal areas, providing actionable insights for fostering a trauma-informed workplace.

Key Steps:

Assess the Current State: 

Begin by evaluating your organization's readiness and awareness levels through surveys, interviews, and stakeholder feedback.

Monitor and Evaluate Progress: 

Measure changes in policies, practices, and outcomes. Collect and analyze data, stories, and feedback to celebrate achievements and learn from challenges.

The audit process includes a tailored workplace audit for your workforce, developing and disseminating surveys, administration, compilation, summary, and synthesis reporting.

Audits are customized based on your organizational needs and focus areas. Contact us today to schedule your Trauma-Informed Workplace Audit and take the first step toward creating a more supportive, responsive, and trauma-informed workplace.
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