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Empowering Your Best Self through Divorce Help

My ultimate joy is when you no longer need my services. My role as a Divorce Doula is to
provide you with supportive and empowering guidance through complex and challenging situations, so that you can confidently build the next chapter of your life. I provide compassionate, logical and practical services that combine support, strategy, navigation, information, education and allyship.

Founder's Story

Our Founder’s Story

Hi! My name is Chavisa (sha-vee-sah). I have 10+ years experience dealing with divorce, a Masters Degree in social sciences, and a Graduate Diploma in adult education. I’m also a Certified Divorce Coach and have Trauma Recovery Certification, which allows me to deliver tailored, holistic, and comprehensive solutions to my clients.

Chavisa owner and divorce specialist
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You’re here because you’re likely going through a life change. I want you to know you are not alone. I’ve been there; I understand. And I’m here to help.

I was married and had a child. A year after I left the relationship, I experienced extensive post- separation abuse, the majority of which was hidden abuse. This extended abusive experience was excruciating and changed the course of my life. I felt overwhelmed as I faced incomprehensible challenges. I was deeply scared, isolated and depleted.


Over time, I discovered the courage to tackle each challenge one by one. This extended experience taught me huge lessons, built up an arsenal of amazing skills, and ULTIMATELY transformed me.

While I would never wish this experience on anyone, I became a better version of myself. I developed immense understanding, courage and capacity and I decided to use this experience to create positive change. This led me to create The Mother Corp. to support my clients on their transformation journey.

My mission

To be an empowering ally and resource for you during your marriage crisis and divorce as well
as throughout your personal journey of transformation.

My purpose

Supporting individuals and their children going through separations, divorces, and post-divorce
challenges. Where many people feel disheartened, I’m energized at meaningful and loving
connections that improve our clients’ quality of life.

It’s been my honour to meet and support so many people as they navigate these life challenges
and transform their lives. If you would benefit from some skilled support, get in touch. It'll be a
privilege for us to connect and to help you activate your full capacity.

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 “I never wanted to be a single parent (or a divorcee), but here I am.”

Although a common occurrence, we never think it will happen to us. At The Mother Corp. we skillfully support you throughout your life changing journey.

Our Offerings/Services

Our offerings


Our approach

We make the feeling of the impossible, possible!

By working with a Divorce Doula, you gain clarity and relief from the chaos of divorce. I help you understand and break down big tasks into manageable steps then, we work together to tackle them.

I’ll help you become more organized, develop a plan and make informed decisions. I help manage all aspects of the relationship closure with our clients. You’ll be supported “before, during, and after” to maximize your feelings of safety and overall wellbeing.

Our comprehensive support includes:

Help clients with limited resources identify the next best steps in their unique situations and address unexpected issues.

Administrative Assistance:

Help fill in forms, edit documents, obtain information and escalate issues.

Holistic Healing and Wellbeing:

Offer holistic support such as stress and trauma recovery and emotional processing, including loss and grief support.

Personalized Guidance:

Guide and navigate bureaucratic systems and processes to resolve complex issues, offering support, allyship, and education.

Resource Referrals:

Provide referrals to trusted resources based on your personal situation.

Parenting and Co-Parenting:

Working with parents to
create parenting and co-parenting arrangements and enhance wellbeing.

Navigating Hidden Abuse:

Provide skilled support for navigating hidden abuse, financial abuse, high-conflict parenting and bureaucratic/institutional mis-use.

Safety Considerations:

Incorporate strategic safety considerations.

Personalized Research:

Run targeted research to enhance your ability to make informed choices.
*Please note, this is not legal research.

Our servics

Our services

Divorce Doulas provide a range of services to support you through your divorce or separation:



Post-divorce conflict and abuse

Recognizing, managing, extracting, healing, outliving

Healing Strategies

Conscientious service

provisions for trauma recovery


Best interests of

the child

Be a new you

Gain clarity and


Navigating complex systems

Financial, economic, legal and oversight bodies

Want to help someone in need?

We take financial contributions through The Mother Corp Services Bursary.

N, 2023

"The Owner of The Mother Corp is passionate. She asks insightful questions and is able to get to the heart of the issue very quickly. She helped me develop a strategy and helped me gain clarity about my desired outcomes as well as the steps to get there. Most importantly, I felt inspired to take the next step, despite my initial trepidation!  The Mother Corp. has a wealth of experience in strategy and generously shares this expertise with others."

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