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1 in 4 women experience gender-based violence

Gender-based violence encompasses domestic and sexual violence, as well as invisible forms like financial abuse and post-separation abuse. Violence and abuse have immediate, long-term and wide-ranging impacts on personal, social, employment, economic, health and parenting aspects of life. Recognizing and understanding the signs and symptoms and responding to this prevalent experience can help ameliorate the harms. It all starts with educating ourselves.

We offer professionals and workplaces the following services

Professional Consultation Services:

We educate and empower professionals to deepen their understanding of gender-based violence, hidden abuse and trauma.

Workplace Educational Workshops:

Specialized workshops designed for companies in BC focusing on skillfully supporting staff impacted by violence and abuse.


Your safety and security is our highest priority

We take safety, security and privacy seriously. Our virtual services are confidential, private and use secure, encrypted technology. Our goal is to keep you — and your information — safe.

Professionals overview

For professionals

Our personalized consultation services empower professionals to deepen their understanding of gender-based violence and hidden abuse. We offer curated, in-depth knowledge and support, enabling you to skillfully assess and manage situations.

To help serve your clients better, we offer one-on-one consultation sessions, including an on-demand option for timely answers to your questions along with valuable resources when you need them. This option is designed to support you both before or after interacting with impacted clients. Additionally, we offer customized team and group training to meet your specific needs.


Packages for professionals:

Single sessions:

One-on-one consultation 30 mins $89

One-on-one consultation 60 mins $169


150 minutes of on-demand consultation. Connect anytime. $429

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Workplace Educational Workshops

The prevalence of gender-based violence and trauma means that workplaces are impacted. It impacts our colleagues, our workplace interactions, and it can, unfortunately, occur in the workplace. Recognizing and understanding the signs and symptoms and responding to these prevalent experiences can help ameliorate the harms. It all starts with educating ourselves.


We lead specialized workshops designed for BC workplaces and organizations focusing on skillfully supporting staff impacted by violence, abuse and trauma.


  • Understanding gender-based violence: Dive into situational gender-based violence, its challenges, best practices and how you can recognize and take action.

  • BC Domestic and Sexual Violence Leave Act: Unpack the act and provide insights into policy implementation and best practices, enhancing understanding and proficiency.

  • Building trauma-informed workplace skills: Help staff develop trauma-informed skills and capacity, fostering a safer and more supportive work environment.


This workshop enables staff to increase their understanding and recognition and to take action when called for.



  • Help workplaces avoid litigation, Human Rights and workplace complaints, which are costly in terms of economic impact, labour and resources. 

  • Learn best practices to prevent missteps and help create trauma-informed workplaces.

  • Identify workplace champions to organize and advance a trauma-informed work environment.

  • Intrinsic motivation feeling knowledgeable, empowered, engaged, and encouraged. Most importantly, an increased sense of safety, security, and trust in their workplaces' ability to support all staff.


Who are these workshops for?

These workshops are intended for organizational managers and leaders, HR members, and a full spectrum of employees.

Packages for workshops

For more information, including fees, availability and promotional materials, please contact us to discuss.

Workplace training is led by our founder, Chavisa. As a subject-matter expert, she draws from personal experience, education and professional training including:


  • An interdisciplinary Master’s degree in Social Sciences

  • A Graduate Diploma in Adult Education

  • Certified Trauma Recovery Practitioner (CTRC)

  • Certified Divorce Coach (CDC)

  • Ongoing training including trauma-informed interventions and addressing financial abuse.

Learn more about our services and how we can help you as a professional.

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S. Price, K-12 Teacher, West Vancouver

"The owner of The Mother Corp. is a dynamic and engaging presenter who brings a calming vibe and a wealth of knowledge to her work. In her professional development session with me and my school colleagues, she took an erudite and research-driven approach to helping us explore how we can better understand and support our students as they navigate the complexities they are facing in their personal lives.

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