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Skilled Support for Healing from Hidden Abuse and Trauma 

Hidden abuse is often mislabeled as a “bad divorce.” Hidden abuse can occur within a relationship or after the relationship has come to an end.

“The Mother Corp. is the trauma-informed service we wished we’d had when
we were going through separation, divorce and hidden abuse.”

What is Hidden Abuse?

Hidden abuse is fundamentally about control, and coercion. Also known as invisible abuse, non-physical abuse, gender-based violence, post-separation abuse, or high-conflict situations and disputes. It can take many forms, many of which are invisible, unrecognized, and unacknowledged. Friends and family may want to support you, though they may not be able to comprehend the complexity or be able to “see” the subtler forms this abuse takes.

Hidden abuse is traumatic.
Symptoms can include:

Being coerced

Feeling isolated

Financial abuse

Being controlled

Feeling exhausted

Traumatizing experience

Feeling depleted

High parenting conflict

Diminished self-esteem

If you, or a person you know may be experiencing hidden abuse in a relationship – or after leaving a relationship — The Mother Corp. is here to help. 

Our founder’s story

You are not alone. I’ve been there, I understand, and I’m here to help.

We Can Help

I specialize in skilled trauma-informed support for people experiencing
hidden abuse that involves:


  • Control and coercion

  • Navigating complex systems

  • Systemic and institutional misuse and abuse, including bureaucratic paperwork overload

  • Financial and economic abuse and rebuilding economic security

  • High parenting conflict including parenting through trauma


My trauma-informed services are developed alongside people who have experienced divorce and hidden abuse, many of whom have used existing services and helped shape our current offerings. Our collective experiences and understanding of this complex and nuanced terrain has helped our processes bring relief, empowerment and access to valuable resources for our clients.


I am not a lawyer, therapist, or financial planner. I simply complement your lawyer, therapist, and financial planner and offer my knowledgeable trauma-informed support. When we work together, I help you process, clarify and communicate so that you are more efficient and effective with your professional legal team.

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Learn about our shared experience:

We are undaunted. We have outlived and healed, and so will you. Hear from us on how we have navigated others to safety and share your experience with us.

Reach out to start your journey:

The best outcome is ending abuse and moving forward to process trauma and holistically rebuild the next chapter of your life.

Support someone you know in need:

Do you have a friend, family member, or colleague going through a traumatic experience?

Share with people you think are in need and would benefit.

V, 2023

"Our first conversation was an hour or two and it was in the beginning phase of separating from an abusive relationship.  I felt unrecognizable to myself because I was in such a low and wrecked state full of fear, grief, rage (with nowhere safe to express it)...

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