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Partner with Divorce Doula Experts

Join our reciprocal network of professionals in partnership with The Mother Corp.  We provide Divorce Doula expertise to help you and your clients. We also frequently provide clients with referrals to your services.

Our partners

Our partners range from different industries and services including:


Family Doctors


Spiritual Leaders

Bankruptcy Trustees

Our partners range from different industries and services including:

Psychologists and Counsellors


Behavioural Consultant

Social Workers

Registered Massage Therapists


Educational Support Groups

Our partnership starts today

Lighten the load for your team and your clients by partnering with our subject matter experts.


Work with an expert:

Improve your workload and ability to work with clients facing complex situations.


Focused Expertise:

Allow yourself to concentrate on your specific area of expertise while our divorce doulas handle  emotional, logistical, and practical support.


Enhanced Holistic Wellbeing:

Divorce is emotionally challenging. Divorce Doulas comprehensively support clients so that they are better prepared for interacting with legal and financial professionals.   


Improved Communication:

As sounding boards and partners to our clients, we help them navigate, process and make good informed choices.  In doing so, clients are more effective and efficient communicators with their professional team.  Ultimately, they are able to make best use of their professional's area of expertise. 


Efficient Resource Referrals:

Gain access to skilled resources, and professionals, exactly when clients need them. 


Improved Client Outcomes:

Emotional wellbeing of clients significantly impacts legal experiences


Bilateral referrals:

Grow your business and expand your customer base


More benefits:

Additional benefits to support your professional and business growth

Services we provide

Individual services

Our specialty is providing emotional, logistical, and practical support to overwhelmed clients undergoing separation, divorce, and crises that involve hidden abuse (non-physical abuse). We provide a confidential, in-depth, trauma-informed, one-on-one service that combines support, strategy, navigation, personalized research (*not legal research), information, education, and  allyship tailored to the specific needs of the client. We are trauma-aware practitioners. We are certified trauma recovery practitioners.  We help clients lessen their isolation and exhaustion and increase their safety and well-being.

Our successes are in addressing and alleviating burden from clients and their support providers.

Financial Abuse
System/institutional misuse involving adults and children

A partnership you can be proud of

Let us lighten your load by connecting clients to tailored one-on-one services that address their unique challenges. 


We specialize in helping people navigate complexity.  We are committed to improving their circumstances and providing relief to their entire network, from children to professionals.

Work together with us

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Psychiatrist, Vancouver, 2024

“As a medical professional it is extremely helpful to receive and read peer-reviewed articles that so clearly demonstrate the many challenges women face when dealing with gender-based violence and abuse. The on-demand consultation was spot-on.  I was so thankful to read the document provided as it has given me a better understanding of how better to assist patients struggling with these situations. I even shared the article with my colleagues because I found it so useful and informative.”

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