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Helping Hand:

The Mother Corp Services Bursary

We know that separation or divorce is hard. When children are involved or abuse has occurred, the financial dynamic for many people changes. The Mother Corp eases financial barriers to our separation and divorce doula services through a bursary fund available to individuals in need.

When bursary applicants contact us, we complete an intake form and have an interview. Bursary recipients are selected following an intake interview. Prioritization is for individuals experiencing hidden abuse, financial abuse, gender-based violence, or parents experiencing financial need. 

About the Bursary Fund

How it works

In line with our values and commitments, the bursary fund is a matching fund. We match donors contributions equally. For instance: Donation of $500, matched by The Mother Corp for $500; providing a total of $1000 of divorce doula services to an individual in need.   


How the Bursary is Managed

Bursary funds are kept in a distinct bank account with clear financial management transparency.   

Together we can advance our vision of justice, love and support. 
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Please note, contribution payments are processed through PayPal. Please send your chosen contribution amount to via your personal PayPal account. If this is not available to you please get in touch to arrange payment in an alternative method.

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