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Your Trauma-Informed Coach

Unfortunately, trauma occurs all too frequently.  


We offer personalized Trauma-Informed Coaching and Trauma Healing. 


Unlimited Support Starts Today. 

A trauma-informed coach is a compassionate companion who guides and empowers you through processing traumatic experiences and healing from trauma and abuse so that you process, integrate, and rebuild your life to thrive.  


I work with people, including parents of children and individuals from various relationship backgrounds in Canada and the US. Trauma-Informed coaching complements legal, therapy, and financial services, although I am not a lawyer, therapist, or financial planner. I can help you navigate the waters of change, gain clarity, and communicate more effectively, enhancing efficiency with your professional and legal team.

Trauma includes stressful, frightening or distressing events. 


It can be a single event like an accident, violence. or natural disaster. 


It can be a series of events such as an abusive relationship (past or present), ongoing gender-based violence, or a high-conflict divorces. 


Individuals are impacted by trauma in different ways.

Let go of Overwhelm

It’s common to be overwhelmed during a traumatic experience. You may face these common symptoms:
Self-doubt/Loss in Confidence
Financial Stress and Concerns
Paralysis and Uncertainty
Emotional and Psychological Distress
Concerns about parenting and children
High Conflict
Insufficent Support

As Trauma-Informed coaches, we specialize in high-conflict divorces. Divorces can range from simple, friendly, or cooperative to challenging, unequal, and potentially unjust or high conflict.

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As an experienced trauma-informed coach, I can work with you at every stage of the separation and divorce process, as well as during your divorce recovery and rebuilding.


I help you skillfully manage traumatic experiences and empower you to move through the process with confidence, courage, and clarity.

Support for Individuals

Support for Individuals

I provide individual trauma-informed coaching and trauma healing virtually across North America and in-person support for clients doing trauma recovery in the Metro Vancouver, BC area.


Experience transformative rebuilding of your life after processing trauma, grief and transition. 

Just us,

no one else


No limit on

your usage


Secure-technology communication



same day

Unique to you

Tailored to your situation

Strategic and In-depth

Deep issues.

Deep expertise


You’re not alone.
I've been there. 


Our Approach

We make the feeling of the impossible, possible!

By working with a trauma-informed coach, you gain clarity, relief and healing from trauma.  


We can help you navigate.  In terms of logistical and practical support, we can help you understand and break down big tasks into manageable steps then, we work together to tackle them.​ We help you become more organized, develop a plan and make informed decisions.


You’ll be supported “before, during, and after” to maximize your feelings of safety and overall wellbeing.

Our comprehensive support includes:

Help clients with limited resources identify the next best steps in their unique situations and address unexpected issues.

Administrative Assistance:

Help fill in forms, edit documents, obtain information and escalate issues.

Holistic Healing and Wellbeing:

Offer holistic support such as stress and trauma recovery and emotional processing, including loss and grief support.

Personalized Guidance:

Guide and navigate bureaucratic systems and processes to resolve complex issues, offering support, allyship, and education.

Resource Referrals:

Provide referrals to trusted resources based on your personal situation.

Parenting and Co-Parenting:

Working with parents to
create parenting and co-parenting arrangements and enhance wellbeing.

Navigating Hidden Abuse:

Provide skilled support for navigating hidden and financial abuse, high-conflict parenting and bureaucratic/institutional mis-use.

Safety Considerations:

Incorporate strategic safety considerations.

Personalized Research:

Run targeted research to enhance your ability to make informed choices.
*Please note, this is not legal research.

Help for Individuals

1:1 Tailored Services

In times of complexity and crisis, access healing strategies, get help navigating and working through bureaucratic systems, and rebuilding your life post-trauma.

Post-Divorce Rebuilding

We help you to reclaim your life with focus on empowered recovery and rebuild strategies for building the next chapter of a life you will love.


Get the support you need

Get started

Schedule a free 20-minute consultation call.

Get acquainted

We’ll discuss your situation and see if we’re a good fit.

Pick your path

We start virtually and you choose the service level best for you. Contracts are signed and payments are made at this point.

I am always able to customize the package, usage, and timing to best suit your needs.


ogether, we can move towards enhanced well-being and manage the impact of trauma for you and your loved ones.

 “I never anticipated this experience, but here I am.”

Although trauma is a common occurrence, we never imagine it will happen

to us.  At The Mother Corp. we skillfully support you throughout your life changing journey.

What to Expect

What to Expect with 1:1 Services

In times of complexity and crisis, looking for help and working through trauma and bureaucratic systems can feel overwhelming. I serve as your confidential sounding board and partner, helping you navigate your situation and make the best decisions during this process.

Specifically, I help you:

  • Organize facts and documentation effectively
  • Navigate the process and associated paperwork to ensure efficiency with your professional team

  • Organize financial paperwork to ensure an efficient process with legal and financial teams

  • All aspects of parenting and co-parenting

  • Rebuild the next chapter of your life

Our services include:

  • Confidential Support: We work with clients confidentiality and discreetly, ensuring your privacy and peace of mind.

  • Trauma-Informed Help: Our Trauma Recovery healing services are tailored to your specific needs and are available virtually or in-person in Metro Vancouver.

  • Collaboration with Professionals: When appropriate, we can work with you and your lawyer to help do the tasks your lawyer sets out for you. We can also collaborate with your professional team. For instance, we can help educate your team about trauma and hidden abuse.

  • Effective Communication: Processing with your Trauma-Informed Coach improves your processing insights and communication capacity, leading to more productive interactions and outcomes.

  • Streamlining Processes: Help get key processes and strategic paperwork done quickly, whether 1:1 or with your professional team.

  • In-person support: We offer in-person support services to clients in Metro Vancouver, BC.

Together we can create meaningful positive outcomes for you and your family. We aim for increased feelings of safety, improved overall well-being and to lessen any harms you, and your children, may experience.

How We Work

We understand the necessity and urgency of needing support and we have no barriers. Working with us is hassle-free, and unlike elsewhere, we follow up on your calls. You choose the package, the usage, and the timing that best suits your needs.


After a free consultation call, individuals can choose from these four options:
  • 3x 1-hour sessions (over a month) $495

  • 8x 1-hour sessions (over 3 months) $1295

  • 1x Holistic Healing + Wellbeing Session  $165

  • 4x Holistic Healing + Wellbeing Sessions $649

Please enquire about 6 and 12 month packages


Divorce Roadmap sessions:
  • A half-day session $495

  • A full-day session $1119


Flexible Options:

  • Phone or virtual sessions as needed

  • Daily virtual sessions during a crisis or legal process

  • Half-day and full-day virtual divorce roadmap session

  • Weekly virtual sessions when there is a lot going on, but it is manageable

  • Bi-weekly virtual sessions when the situation is settling or maintained

  • Monthly virtual sessions for check-ins

  • In-person support during legal processes, such as a consult, discovery or court. 

  • In-person trauma recovery sessions are available in Metro Vancouver and virtually.


Our packages allow for flexibility to evolve with your needs. Get in touch to start your 1:1 journey.

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Ready to Rebuild your Life?

Our trauma-informed services offer direct and effective strategies, empowering clients to confidently reclaim their lives with courage, clarity, and renewed hope.


Your Safety is the Highest Priority

We take safety, security and privacy seriously. Our virtual services are confidential, private and use secure, encrypted technology. Our goal is to keep you — and your information — safe. We will discuss security approaches in our first session and we can adapt our services to your needs.

Let's Make it Happen 

Let's chat to make sure our services align with your needs.

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"Mothers trying to navigate the court system while raising their children and dealing with the profound effect of invisible and hidden abuse find themselves facing severe burnout, fatigue and confusion and they need someone who can help guide them through the bureaucracy and support them emotionally...

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