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Hidden abuse in detail

We all have our own way of describing things. Here are some other common words and terminology to describe hidden abuse and gender-based violence:

High-conflict separation, high-conflict divorce, abusive family systems, abusive relationship, toxic relationship, controlling relationship, battery, battered women, intimate partner violence, violence against women, intimate partner abuse, high-conflict personality, emotionally abusive relationship, emotionally abusive marriage, CPTSD, PTSD from an abusive ex and emotional manipulation.  People will often refer to themselves as survivors or describe themselves as surviving violence or abuse.  

Other words, phrases, concepts and areas involved include: divorcing with children, becoming a single-parent, parenting arrangements, co-parenting, child-custody (often just called custody), child support, parenting time along with decision-making responsibility and contact, guardianship, parental rights, custody disputes, custody fights, parallel parenting, high conflict parenting and the now contentious term of alienation, along with the importance of rebuilding fractured families. 

We are mindful of the spectrum of divorce experiences and approaches.  These range from only splitting up or breaking up to pursuing a separation agreement to getting a legal divorce, all of which run the continuum of collaborative divorce, mediation, and litigation.  A lot depends on whether or not the divorce is contested.  Much will depend on whether or not people are co-housing, splitting up, or dividing a marital home and or property, including the mortgage.   

Often people considering divorce will have done steps and services prior, including couples counselling, divorce counselling, emotional abuse counselling, and psychological counselling

Many will have pursued practical tips for divorce to guidelines for divorce, including support groups online or elsewhere.  Often people are wondering about how to start a new life after separation.  

That's where we come in.

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