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Workplace Trauma-Awareness and Trauma-Informed Workshops

Cultivate a Supportive, Responsive, and Compassionate Workforce


We offer two workshops that teach trauma-aware and trauma-informed behaviours, enabling you to become more supportive, responsive, and compassionate. By creating a safer and more inclusive environment, you can help to lessen conflicts and potential HR issues. It all starts with educating ourselves to create a safe, more supportive work environment.

Educational Topics:

  • Workplace Trauma-Awareness and Trauma-Informed

  • Gender-Based Violence Workshops for Workplaces

Workshop Tiers:

  • Part One: 101 workshops to gain a basic understanding

  • Part Two: Comprehensive workshops to deepen your practice

Trauma-Awareness and Trauma-Informed Workshops

Our workshops provide an overview of trauma-aware and trauma-informed behaviours, helping participants understand the basics of trauma and best practices to support individuals and the workplace. These sessions are designed to foster a supportive and responsive environment, reduce conflicts, and mitigate potential HR issues.

Gender-Based Violence Workshops for Workplaces

We lead specialized workshops addressing gender-based violence. The prevalence of gender-based violence means that workplaces are impacted. It affects our colleagues, our workplace interactions, and it can, unfortunately, occur in the workplace. Learn to recognize and understand the signs and symptoms and respond to these prevalent experiences so that you can help ameliorate the harms.

We cover:

Understanding gender-based violence:

Dive into situational gender-based violence, its challenges, best practices, and how you can recognize and take action.

BC Domestic and Sexual Violence Leave Act:

Unpack the act and provide insights into policy implementation and best practices, enhancing understanding and proficiency.

These workshops enable staff to increase their understanding and recognition so that they can lessen harms and take action when called for.

Empower your workforce with trauma-informed practices. Contact us to book your workshop and start creating a supportive, compassionate work environment.
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