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Comprehensive Trauma-Informed Services Suite

Transform Your Organization with In-Depth, Sustained Support


For organizations committed to a sustained and meaningful impact, we offer a comprehensive suite of trauma-informed services delivered over 9-12 months. This continuous support enables a lasting, trauma-informed transformation within your organization.

Our Comprehensive Services Include:


Evaluate your organization's practices and policies, establishing a baseline to observe progress so your workplace becomes more supportive, responsive, and effective in addressing trauma-related issues.


101 Workshops: 

Introductory sessions on two topics to build a foundational understanding of trauma-aware and trauma-informed practices.

Comprehensive Workshops: Advanced training on two topics to deepen your team's knowledge and skills.

1:1 Coaching for Professionals: 

Personalized, confidential trauma-informed coaching. These sessions address your specific needs, help you process personal trauma, and equip you to lead more empathetically and effectively.

Trauma-Recovery Retreats: 

Confidential off-site retreats combining neurobiology and experiential healing processes to enhance emotional healing. Participants become healthier, more grounded, and attuned, fostering resilience and wellbeing for both individuals and their workforce.

Trauma-Informed Weekly Workplace Maintenance and Restoration Sessions: 

Weekly on-site sessions teaching trauma-aware and trauma-informed processes grounded in neurobiology and experiential healing. By integrating self-care into the workday, we help your workforce feel more supported and resilient.

This comprehensive suite of services supports a sustained, trauma-informed transformation within your organization, fostering a safer, more supportive, and productive workplace.

Are you ready to elevate your workplace into a supportive, trauma-informed environment? Contact us to begin your journey towards sustained organizational wellbeing. Let us help you create a significant impact on your team's health, resilience, and overall success. Reach out now to get started and make a lasting difference in your workplace.
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