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One-on-One Trauma-Informed Coaching for Professionals

Personalize, Confidential Sessions to Deepen Your Capacity


Our confidential, personalized 1:1 coaching sessions empower employees and leaders to gain trauma-aware and trauma-informed knowledge, skills, and support. These sessions improve communication and leadership utilizing a trauma-informed lens, fostering a supportive and responsive work environment, and enhancing overall wellbeing and performance.

We work with you on:

  • Understanding how trauma impacts the brain and trauma-informed processes to support neurobiological integration

  • Recognizing signs of trauma and trauma responses

  • Communicating in a trauma-aware, trauma-informed, and trauma-responsive manner

  • Staying grounded and centered during emotional intensity

  • Responding appropriately when someone discloses a traumatic experience

  • Providing skilled support before and after challenging interactions

  • Avoiding problematic interactions that could become HR issues

  • Processing your own traumas to increase your capacity and empathy

  • Learning about resources, frameworks, and supports

Deepen your capacity so that you can skillfully assess and manage situations, fostering a supportive and responsive work environment, and enhancing both personal and organizational success.

Coaching is scheduled based on client needs and focal areas. Contact us to arrange your sessions.
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